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There are many posts in this blog. Virtually every structure inside of Greenfield Village is here and can be accessed with just a click of the mouse. Each post is filled with historical information about each structure with numerous photos - nearly every one taken by me.
Also, if you scroll down a bit, you will see that I also have included in this table of contents links to not only the structures but to the rides, special events, as well as miscellaneous information such as the various maps through time, the inner workings/behind the scenes, the reason why Henry Ford began this museum in the first place, and much, much more.

Make sure you check back to your favorite buildings – I am updating and adding to the text as I find more information. I also switch and/or add to the photographs as well.



Ackley Covered Bridge

Adams Family Home

Adams Family Home Mourning Presentation

A & S Machine Shop aka Armington & Sims Shop & Foundry

Bagley Avenue Workshop

Sir John Bennett Sweet Shop

Blacksmith Shop

Luther Burbank Birthplace

Luther Burbank Office

Cape Cod Windmill)

Carousel (Herschell-Spillman)

George Washington Carver Cabin

Chapman Family Home

Cider Mill (Martinsville Cider Mill))

The Clinton Inn ( The Eagle Tavern)

Cohen Millinery Shop

Cotswold Cottage

Cotswold Cottage Dovecote

Cotswold Forge

Daggett Farmhouse

The Eagle Tavern (The Clinton Inn)

Edison's Fort Meyer, Florida Laboratory

Edison Homestead

Edison Illuminating Company

Edison Menlo Park Laboratory

Edison Menlo Park Glass House

Edison's Menlo Park Machine Shop

Thomas Edison's Menlo Park Office and Library

Edison Menlo Park Woodworking Shop

Fairfield Rice Mill) (Pottery Shop)

Farris Windmill (formerly known as Cape Cod Windmill)

Firestone Farm

Firestone Farm: Yard, Barn, and Other Outbuildings

Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford Theater

Ford Home

William Ford Barn

Stephen Foster Memorial) (Sounds of America Gallery )

Robert Frost House

Giddings Family Home (Secretary Pearson House)

Glass Shop

Grimm Jewelry Store

Gunsolly Carding Mill (Plymouth Carding Mill)

Hanks Silk Mill

Hearse Shed / Deluge Fire House / (back to) Hearse Shed

Heinz House

Hermitage Slave Quarters

Dr. Howard's Office

J.R. Jones General Store

Sarah Jordan Boarding House

Lincoln Courthouse aka Logan County Courthouse

Loranger Gristmill

Martha-Mary Chapel

Mattox Family Home

William Holmes McGuffey Birthplace

William Holmes McGuffey School

McGuffey Smokehouse

Miller School

Mills: Cotton Gin Mill and the Harahan Sorghum (Sugar) Mill - Buildings No Longer In Greenfield Village

Phoenixville Post Office (and Apothecary)

Plymouth Carding Mill (Gunsolly Carding Mill)

Plympton Family Home

Pottery Shop

Printing Office and Tin Shop

Railroad Turntable

Richart Wagon Shop

Roundhouse (Detroit, Toledo, & Milwaukee)

Scotch Settlement School

Shoe Shop (Whittier Tollhouse & Shoeshop)

Slave Houses)

Smiths Creek Depot

Sounds of America Gallery (formerly known as Stephen Foster House, Stephen Foster Birthplace and Stephen Foster Memorial)

Soybean Experimental Laboratory

Spofford Saw Mill

Charles Steinmetz Cabin

Stony Creek Sawmill

Susquehanna Plantation

Swiss Chalet

Tintype Studio

Town Hall

Tripp Saw Mill

Weaving Shop

Noah Webster Home

Whittier Tollhouse & Shoeshop a.k.a Rocks Village Tollhouse and Shoe Shop

Workshop & Guild Beer Hall (originally known as Lapeer Foundry, Lapeer Machine Shop, McDonald and Sons Carriage and Repair Shop, Carriage Repair Shop)

Wright Cycle Shop

Wright Brothers Home

Wright Brothers Summer Kitchen & Outhouse


Rides and Other Things To Do

Horse-Drawn Rides

Owl Night Lunch Wagon

Steam Locomotive Train Rides

Steamboat "Suwanee"


Holidays and Special Events

Christmas at Greenfield Village: Holiday Homes Tour

Christmas at Greenfield Village: Holiday Nights

Civil War Remembrance Weekend - Takes Place Every Memorial Weekend

Fall Flavors Weekend: A Taste of History

 Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village


Miscellaneous Information

Why I Created This Blog

"History is Bunk!" - What Henry Ford Really Meant, and the Beginning of Greenfield Village

Editorial: Historical Preservation and Henry Ford

Greenfield-The Early American Village

Original Buildings in the Village for the October 1929 Grand Opening But Are There No Longer

1933 - A New Beginning for Greenfield Village

The End of One Era, and On To the Next...

Maps Through Time: The Ever-changing Lay Out of Greenfield Village

Behind the Scenes at Greenfield Village

Springtime at Greenfield Village

In the Good Old Summertime at Greenfield Village

'Tis Autumn in Greenfield Village

Wintertime at Greenfield Village

Sarah Jordan Boarding House Catches Fire

Statue of Thomas Alva Edison

Dining at the Eagle Tavern and other Areas at Greenfield Village


Structures No Longer Inside of Greenfield Village

West Orange Building 11

1930 - Original Building No Longer in Greenfield Village

1932 - Original Buildings No Longer in Greenfield Village

1933 - Original Buildings No Longer in Greenfield Village