Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cotswold Forge

Built around the same time (1620) as the Cotswold Cottage and Dovecote, the Cotswold Forge, from Snowhill, Worcestershire, in southwestern England, was reconstructed in the Village in 1931. The forge was operated by members of the Stanley family for nearly 300 years, until Charles Stanley's death in 1909.

Before and during the early part of the industrial era, blacksmiths were essential to the survival of communities in Europe and America, making wrought iron tools and appliances for everyday use in the home and on the farm.
One can just imagine...Children passing by on their way to and from school, stopping to pause to watch the blacksmith work his craft. The smell of the fire and of singeing hooves pervade the center of the village, while the sound of the hammer on the anvil could be heard all around.

After its relocation, this building, just like the other blacksmith shop in the Village
was used to demonstrate the long lost trade of the 'smithy.'

And, just like the other blacksmith shop, in recent years it has not been in use except for displaying the tools of the trade.
This is a shame, I feel, as another opportunity to teach is gone.

(The blacksmith shop in Crossroads Village in Flint still has demonstrations certain weekends in the summer).This is the second and final blacksmith shop in Greenfield Village.

~The back of the forge~


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