Monday, January 26, 2009

Herschell-Spillman Carousel

At one time, Greenfield Village created a wonderful little Victorian-style amusement park they called Suwanee Park that included an ice cream parlor, an arcade building that had original fully-restored and operating game machines, most of which were once used in the old amusement parks on the east coast, and the merry-go-round known originally as the Herschell-Spillman Carousel.
Built in 1913 in New York and put into an amusement park in Liberty Lake, Washington, this sights and sounds reminder of days gone by still whirls to the music of an ornate bandwagon. Since it was brought to Greenfield Village in 1973, thousands of children (and adults) have chosen to mount one of the exquisitely carved animals, chariots, or one of the other collection of the carousel's menagerie, most original to this carousel.

What was nice about this Victorian park setting was that it was a good area for taking a rest on a bench, or have a picnic on the lawn, feed the fish in the pond, or watch the steamboat chug by. This was one of the stopping points for the train ride as well.
Why the powers-that-be got rid of the park in 2003 and put the carousel and ice cream parlor on main street I'll never know. It was not the smartest move - Suwanee Park was a pleasurable spot for the patron to relax in an old-fashioned setting.

But, for now main street is where the carousel remains. Maybe one day they will rebuild Suwanee Park. One can hope.
It is also a good thing that the Village has continued to run the carousel for the patrons to ride upon.

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