Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Future Blogs / Chapters

With the Detroit, Toledo, and Milwaukee Roundhouse chapter completed, this blog, as far as I know, now includes every structure that stands (or stood) inside of Greenfield Village.
But, that doesn't mean I am done with it - not by any means. My plans are to continue to up-date the information on the structures as more info becomes available.
I also plan to add or switch photographs in other "chapters" when I am able to take better shots. As I wrote all of this out, I found that there are many great pictures awaiting to be taken!

What will follow from here for future chapters will be on the different events that take place inside of the Village, including the Holiday Nights at Christmastime, Hallowe'en, the Civil War Remembrance weekend, and other specialties.
I will also be writing about what takes place behind the scenes - the whys and wherefores that makes Greenfield Village more authentic in every historical sense and puts it far and away above other open-air museums.
Stay tuned...

A scene right out of the past - Dodworth Saxhorn Band


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