Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Swiss Chalet (formerly known as Swiss Watchmaker's Chalet and Watchmaker's Chalet)

Built inside the Village in 1935, this building, according to the early guidebooks from the 1930's, '40's, and '50's, represents the type of watchmaker's home in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. Most of the doorways, windows, and iron works are from an original Swiss structure.
Ford was fond of watches, especially Swiss made watches, hence, the reason for the building.
There is little else I have about this structure, which is now used as a break and changing area for the employees of the Village.



Beth Battey said...

Henry Ford did have it build originally to make Swiss Watches - he liked watches and wanted them to be made on site. At one point in the 1980's the building was a permanent Christmas Shop.

Historical Ken said...

Thank you for the extra info Beth!

steamedup2 said...

Thank you so much for you info !! I have enjoyed reading your work, exactelly wHat i was looking for. I have seen a theory suggests this swiss chalet was childhood home of a. Hitler. Even suggesting the initials a h carved into a corner brick on the exterior. ? Thanks for your info friend.