Sunday, July 27, 2008

Edison's Fort Meyer, Florida Laboratory

According to the original 1933 'Edison Institute Museum & Village' guidebook, "This laboratory was a take-down type of building, made in Maine and shipped to Fort Meyers, Florida, where it was set up in 1884-85. Here, Mr. Edison worked during his winter sojourns in the warmer climate, and here he perfected his wax record phonograph - an improvement over the tin foil machine."
Edison also undertook numerous experiments in botanical science - during WWI he developed a formula for producing synthetic rubber from the goldenrod plant.
The building is preserved with its original equipment and furnishings, including Mr. Edison's mahogany desk, pine chair, drafting table mounted on wooden horses, and stool.
Both Edison and Ford had cottages in Fort Meyers and often took vacations together with their wives.

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