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Christmas at Greenfield Village: Holiday Homes Tour

Enjoying a warm by the sitting room fireplace in Firestone Farm Just as nice but not nearly as popular as the Holiday Nights event, the Holiday Homes Tour at Greenfield Village was always a wonderful opportunity for the fan of history and of Christmas to visit the Village in a much more subdued manner, having the opportunity of seeing and studying the celebrations of Christmas past more intently during the daylight hours. The Birthplace of Henry Ford Christmas 1876 at the Ford Home Although during the daytime Holiday Home Tours were are no outdoor vendors hawking their wares or ice-skaters as during Holiday Nights, the homes nevertheless were beautifully decorated in the era of which they represented, and the ability to ask questions in a much more relaxed atmosphere, without throngs of people waiting their turn gave the visitor the chance to learn about Christmas past more in depth than during the evening Holiday Nights. Sarah Jordan's Boarding House is decorated for

Christmas at Greenfield Village: Holiday Nights

Walking in a winter wonderland ( Forty photos - more or less - accompany this article. I hope you enjoy it! )  ~ Before we get into the current Holiday Nights event, I'd like to give the reader a little history of Christmas celebrations at Greenfield Village ~ The celebration of Christmas has been a highlight of Greenfield Village for many years, and the Village has always taken the opportunity to show visitors just how the Christmas Holiday was celebrated in years past. And for this lover of history and Christmas, the season is just not Christmas without attending at least twice a season. We shall discuss here some of the various ways Greenfield Village presented Christmas in years past and how it presents it today. It's Christmastime in Greenfield Village! Let the festivities begin! Unfortunately, I have very little on how the Village celebrated Christmas before the 1980's. Since I had not gone there during the Christmas Season before 1983, the only infor