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Sounds of America Gallery (formerly known as Stephen Foster House, Stephen Foster Birthplace and Stephen Foster Memorial)

(I must apologize to the readers of this blog. For some reason I over-looked this building while putting this blog together. When I am able to afford an actual site, it will surely be placed in its rightful order) From what I understand, this structure, built in Lawrenceville (now part of Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania, in 1830, was purchased by Henry Ford in 1934 and placed inside Greenfield Village a year later. It was during this time when Ford was truly providing a safe 'haven' for the country's historic houses as many, including what was thought to be Stephen Foster's birthplace, were in terrible shape or were in dilapidated areas. Houses like this probably would not have lasted another decade where they originally stood. The large hallway that separates the house in two. This is facing the front door. Stephen Foster was probably the foremost composer of popular music of the 19th century. His tunes, including "Camptown Races," "Old Folks at Home (aka Way