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Wintertime at Greenfield Village

~ We come from the land of the ice and snow... I would enjoy winter more if my favorite historical out-door museum, Greenfield Village, would remain open during January, February, and March. You see, by the 1st of December they close up the Village for daytime visitors and only remain open for their special Christmas Holiday Nights evenings. Though the adjacent indoor Henry Ford Museum stays open year 'round, Greenfield Village closes its gates after Christmas. I never quite understood this. I can maybe see not remaining open during weekdays, but how cool would it be to visit on a Saturday or Sunday and be able to take a horse-drawn sleigh ride? Or, during the late winter (and early spring) allowing folks to watch and possibly partake in maple sugaring? They wouldn't need to open all of their houses as they normally do; they instead could have the two 'main' houses - the 1880's Firestone Farm and 1760's Daggett Farm, which are located