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Noah Webster Home (Updated)

Huntington, NY July 29 Edsel Ford Copy to Mr. Campsall Dearborn, Mich Noah Webster House at New Haven - an attractive plain house built about Eighteen Hundred - is in the hands of wreckers -*stop*- Believe it will fit in well with your father's scheme and can be purchased for a small sum -*stop*- Immediate action is required as it will be torn down Friday RTH Halsey 9:20 a.m.   The above written telegram shows just how close the world came to losing this wonderful piece of American History. With demolition already begun (!) by Yale University, the house's plight was, luckily, brought to Ford's attention by way of his son through one of his dealers. The Webster home was soon purchased and brought to Dearborn. The dismantling and restoration of this 1822 New Haven, Connecticut house in which Noah Webster wrote his dictionary provides us with a fine example of Ford chief architect Edward Cutler's technique. When Cutler had first reached New Haven