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There are many posts in this blog. Virtually every structure inside of Greenfield Village is here and can be accessed with just a click of the mouse. Each post is filled with historical information about each structure with numerous photos - nearly every one taken by me. Also, if you scroll down a bit, you will see that I also have included in this table of contents links to not only the structures but to the rides, special events, as well as miscellaneous information such as the various maps through time, the inner workings/behind the scenes, the reason why Henry Ford began this museum in the first place, and much, much more. Make sure you check back to your favorite buildings – I am updating and adding to the text as I find more information. I also switch and/or add to the photographs as well. Enjoy! Structures   Ackley Covered Bridge Adams Family Home Adams Family Home Mourning Presentation A & S Machine Shop aka Armi

A Taste of History: A Fall Flavors Weekend

A beautiful late September morning dawns... ...and the day begins I’ve lamented for nearly a decade about the loss of the annual Fall Harvest Days festival that historic Greenfield Village used to have. This was where one could find a number of different fall activities occurring throughout the Village including corn shucking, threshing, the process of winnowing, food pickling, and numerous other seasonal historical ‘chores’ of the past. They would also have live music, hayrides, and cider & doughnuts. It was a real old-time shindig, and a wonderful opportunity to teach young and old - in a fun way - about harvest time in 19th century America.   An old-time string band entertains at the Fall Harvest Days Festival in the late 1990's Unfortunately, for some reason the last one they held was in 2005 . Oh, they have had fall activities here and there but nothing like the celebration-type excitement that made the Fall Harvest Days festival so wonderful and fun.