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The Daggett House

  The whole point of this post is to get visitors of historic homes to look at these wonderful old structures that sit ins ide open-air museums with  "new"  eyes - in hopes that instead of just being an old h ome,   it may now become seemingly alive - - -  Every-so-often I like to spotlight  a specific  structure inside historic Greenfield Village in Dearborn,  Michigan.  Past postings of this nature have   include d  Dr.  Howard's Office ,  Firestone Far m,    t he Richart Carri age Shop,  the Ackley Covered Bridge,  and the home of Noah Webster . But I  try not to  write about the buildings as if I'm a  tour guide  reciting lines from a script .  L ike many of Greenfield Village's own presenters,  I like to go the extra mile when I write and bring  out the building's past in such a way that  when you visit it ,   you will look at it with a different mindset...with a different set of eyes that will bring it to life. I'm hoping for the same  for this week&