Maps Through Time: The Ever-changing Lay Out of Greenfield Village

From its inception over 80 years ago through today, Greenfield Village has gone through numerous layouts, which is no easy task considering that it is actual buildings - historic buildings - that are being moved. I'm sure with each change there were complaints. Well, of course, unless it was Mr. Ford's idea. No one disagreed with the Big Guy. But, even with the last major restructuring in 2003 their were disgruntled customers. My opinion is as long as it's kept historically accurate, I don't mind.

What I thought I'd do here was to show, through original six maps from six different decades, the ever-growing and ever-changing history of Greenfield Village. To see the graphics larger, please click onto the photo.

Our first map takes us back to October 29, 1929 - that very first rainy day that Henry Ford opened up his Greenfield Village to special guests. Here was Mr. Ford's original vision:

Twelve years later, in 1941, one can see just how much the Village grew:

And then, in 1957, the Village added even more structures:

In 1970, Greenfield Village looked like this:

The following two pages shows the 1983 vision:

And, finally, we have what the Village looked like in 1995:

Finally, here is a map of the most current lay out of Greenfield Village.

I find it interesting to compare all the maps to see when and how Greenfield Village changed over the years.
Which era do you like the best?



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